YouTube Shopping gains new groundbreaking features thanks to Shopify partnership

The era of “click on the link in the description box” is over. With Youtube Shopping merchants will sell products directly to their audiences.
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YouTube Shopping just gained a huge chunk of new features thanks to the recently announced partnership between the entertainment platform owned by Google and Shopify. The YouTube Shopping and Shopify integration promise to revolutionize the way people enjoy the video sharing website and the customer buying process as we know it.

Exciting news indeed, but it shouldn’t sound surprising. After all, the Canadian Tech giant for eCommerce made it clear that when you say Social Commerce you are saying “Shopify” and they are actually living up to their intentions. In fact the breaking news follows the recent partnership announcement between Shopify and Twitter from which Twitter Shopping originated.

In a press release Shopify stated that “Shopify and YouTube are partnering to give merchants and creators a powerful new way to connect to consumers, build their businesses, and share their stories.” Actually, the new features indicate the twist YouTube will take from 100% entertainment to Shopatainment as a substantial part of its value preposition. In fact shopping will potentially be able to happen at any point of the customer’s journey since livestream and on-demand videos will be infiltrated with functionalities that encourage viewers to buy while viewing. 

Here is what Shopify users that want to advertize their products through YouTube Shopping will be able to do

Through YouTube Shopping, Shopify merchants will access new tools that will benefit their marketing strategies enabling them to sell all the items present in their stores. In particular, they will bring their products to their audience’s attention in three ways

  1. Livestreams: YouTube is going all in on live shopping events and has deployed new tools for livestream shopping sessions. The creator/merchant can now tag or pin a product at a key point of the livestream and give it the spotlight it deserves. This way viewers will be able to purchase products directly from the livestream hosted by creators. 
  2. On-demand videos: It will be now possible to select an amount of products to display under a pre-recorded video. 
  3. Store tab: a new tab that serves as a digital storefront will be available on the merchant/creator’s channel and here the entire selection of products uploaded to their Shopify store will be available for purchase.

Setting up a Shopify store on YouTube is very easy

In just a few steps creators and eSellers will be able to link their Shopify store to their channel, upload all their products with related details like title, description, price, units in stock etc…

configuring youtube shopping shopify

Once this is done, the items will be immediately ready to be displayed across their channel and content. The real-time data synchronisation will also prevent embarrassing out of stock episodes to take place because items without inventory will be automatically removed. In addition to this, viewers located in the US will be able to complete a purchase without leaving the platform. Viewers in other countries will instead have to complete check out on the retailers’ websites, but their view of the video will continue without interruptions in the pop-up window.

In addition to this, a new shopping destination will be added to the explore tab. Here, viewers will be able to see shoppable content from the channels they subscribed to and from related channels.

At the moment the feature is available for United States, India and Brazil. No European countries can access it, but Shopify has declared that the service will be enabled for more countries during this year. 

YouTube Shopping Eligibility criteria

Are you an eligible creator/merchant?

In order to access YouTube Shopping you must meet some requisites:

  • You must be based in a country where the Youtube partner program is available and your channel must have been approved for monetization.
  • Your channel needs more than 1000 subscribers or has to be an Artist’s Official Channel.
  • Also, 4000 hours of public watch hours are a requisite
  • The channel’s audience must not be set for kids and the majority of videos must not be set as made for kids
  • Your channel must not have a significative amount of videos that violate YouTube’s monetization policies.
  • The channel must not have any active Community Guidelines Strikes.

New tools for Content Creators

All predictions agreed on the fact that 2022 would have been a crucial year for the development of the Creator Economy and “they” were all right. 

Selling goods is openly a part of a creator’s path and achieving this through D2C channels, just like bigger brands do, is only one of the many aspects and natural consequences of the relation that creators develop with their beloved and hard earned audiences. 

influencer during a youtube shopping livestream selling lipgloss
Influencer during a YouTube Shopping livestream

This shouldn’t sound like new and the fact that YouTube joined the game only means that the system has been tested enough for a company of such proportions to make its entrance into the game. After all like the VP of Product at Shopify Kaz Nejatian recently wrote in a blog post, “content creators influence buying behaviours as 89% of consumers trust the suggestions of the influencers they follow.”

What should you do if you want to hop in the game?

Whether you are a seasoned Shopify user or only someone who was caressing the idea of starting a store with the user-friendliest eCommerce platform on the market, if you want to take advantage of a video platform that presents the outstanding number of 2 billion monthly active users and you are eligible to activate Youtube Shopping, you will not only need a great software for store creation like Shopify, but also a reliable supplier as well as a solid fulfillment system

Sounds discouraging? Not with Borderl3ss. 

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