Partnership between Shopify and Twitter writes a new chapter of growth for eCommerce

Shopify merchants can now ad Twitter Shopping to their arsenal of sales channels and embed their shopping windows into the journey of more than 330 millions of active users!
twitter and shopify partner up

It’s not too early to award Twitter and Shopify as the most unpredictable and unbreakable apps of the year!

In 2022 it is safe to say that Shopify is to eCommerce as Madonna is to Music!
Both the multinational eCommerce company and the music artist have in common the ability to consistently remain on the top and in charge of the game no matter what happens, no matter who threats their supremacy, no matter how adverse the conditions seem to become… And the current slowdown in eCommerce is to consider an actual adverse condition. But nonetheless, when investors started questioning the eCom Tech’s future, the Canadian company promptly responded.

On June the 22nd Shopify released 100 new tools for its merchants – both B2C and B2B oriented – and announced its partnership with Twitter. The integration with Twitter is the nth social eCommerce tool released by Shopify and it will allow merchants to onboard themselves to Twitter’s Shopping Manager, link their Shopify stores to their Twitter accounts, sync their catalogue, display products on their feed and boost on-site eCommerce.

Merchants can now create a shop window where they will be able to display up to 50 products on what Shopify’s president Harley Finkelstein has defined like the “modern day town square” and advertise them on their brand’s Twitter pages. 

By clicking on the product, the viewer will be redirected to the product’s page on the Shopify store and will have the opportunity to make a purchase. 

For now this new option will be available exclusively to those Shopify merchants based in the US who have a business account. 

Twitter integration with Shopify

If it isn’t Twitter’s year of resurrection! After becoming the main channel for crypto and NFT related discussions and becoming the gravity center for tech gossip thanks to it’s engagement to Elon Musk (Kardashians, step aside and take notes) now this partnership with Shopify has fully established Twitter’s position in the social media Olympus.  

There is who argues that all this turmoil equals uncertainty implying that this isn’t a good moment for such a move On the contrary, all this commotion lead to a stunning 330 million active Twitter users that can only increase from here.

Another argument arises on the fact that Twitter is not offering an on-site checkout, but as Shopify made clear, this is not a functionality merchant’s found to be useful for this particular platform, instead, by using this formula to bring traffic to their stores, they would have more room for manoeuvre to draw the prospect down the sales funnel all the way to their own checkout. 

The launch of this new Twitter sales channel is just proof of the fact that an omnichannel approach – that rapidly sales away from a purely transactional identity for eCommerce -, is the paradigm change taking place as you read this. 

Or, as Shopify likes to call it, a passage from a DTC to a CTC (connect to consumer) environment where eCommerce will happen everywhere and retail will be naturally embedded with every user experience – we would add every experience pertaining to Web2.

The only way to exploit these competitive advantages the minute the are rolled out, is to work with a system that can quickly adapt. 

Making social commerce easier for merchants doesn’t only mean supporting them in obtaining more conversions, but to guarantee an impeccable customer experience until – and beyond – delivery day in order to obtain the highest retention rates possible. For this reason, partnering up with a company that can provide a good post purchase service by integrating all your sales channels all the way to providing fast and reliable shipping is the key to a successful business

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