Orders Fulfillment Made Easy and Fast

Pre-Paid orders have been already ben paid for by your customers directly on your sales channel. No payment has to be collected from the customer upon delivery.

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How it Works

How Borderl3ss Manages Your Logistics Operations in 3 Easy Steps

1. Connect Sales Channels

Connect your sales channels, import your products and send your inventory to our warehouses.

2. Manage Inventory

We manage your inventory across different locations to be closer to your customers.

3. Ship to end customer

When a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest fulfillment center.

What does Pre-Paid mean?

At Borderl3ss we consider as Pre-Paid all those orders that have already been paid in full by the customer. There can be different scenarios:

Powerful network of fulfillment centers

You can leverage our fulfillment centers across Europe to optimize logistics operations. We can help you improve delivery speed and reduce shipping costs. Our experts can help you determine how to efficiently distribute inventory across locations to reach customers in Europe at speed.

Advanced ecommerce fulfillment software

Borderl3ss’s cloud platform is the backbone of your logistics operations. Through one simple interface you will be able to manage your inventory in real time across different locations, create bundles and handle cash-on-delivery orders.

Do you want to learn more about our tech-enabled logistics features? Check out our in depth product demo.

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