The Single Point of Truth for All Your Orders and Inventory

Are you managing your main store on Shopify, but also selling on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay? With Borderl3ss you can easily manage your incoming orders and automatically sync all your accounts through APIs

"Brands that sell on at least 3 different sales channels see up to 5 times more sales."

– Harvard Business Review

How it Works

How Borderl3ss Manages Orders from Multiple Sales Channel

1. Connect your Channels

Connect all your Sales Channels. You will find the list of integrations in the top menu.

2. Receiving Orders

All orders are synced to and from Borderl3ss. You will be able to filter orders per sales channel and setup rules.

3. Orders Delivered

All the orders are delivered to the customers. Tracking Codes are synced with the correct sales channel.

Why should you adopt a multi sales channel strategy?

Customers like to see that your Brand is available on multiple channels like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify/Woocommerce and Social Media. The more you include different channels to your strategy, the more you will gain trust. 

Moreover, different sales channels can target different kinds of audiences, originating in completely new order-streams.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain full visibility over your multi channel sales. Filter by location, country and sales channel to understand what is performing best.

Knowing your numbers is the first step to scaling faster and heavier.

Borderl3ss Platform Demo

Advanced ecommerce fulfillment software

Borderl3ss’s cloud platform is the backbone of your logistics operations. Through one simple interface you will be able to manage your inventory in real time across different locations, create bundles and handle cash-on-delivery orders.

Do you want to learn more about our tech-enabled logistics features? Check out our in depth product demo.

Powerful network of fulfillment centers

You can leverage our fulfillment centers across Europe to optimize logistics operations. We can help you improve delivery speed and reduce shipping costs. Our experts can help you determine how to efficiently distribute inventory across locations to reach customers in Europe at speed.

From DTC delivery to B2B distribution: we’ve got you covered

From B2B wholesale distribution to end customer delivery.
Who said these two approaches must be opposite?

Brands selling in 2022 need to rely on an infrastructure that can guarantee leading edge support no matter what the sales strategy is.

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