Shopify boosts international sales by introducing Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate & Adapt

Shopify recognized that expanding to new markets without localising the costumer experience leads merchants to leave a lot of money on the table. Thanks to Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate & Adapt customers can increase their conversion rates and expand to new markets.
Shopify markets PRO Shopify translate & adapt

Is international eCommerce still a choice?

After expanding compatibility of the e-commerce platform to all major social media, Shopify introduces Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate & Adapt: the two apps will help merchants to scale their businesses internationally.

Scaling internationally is part of the path of every online business, nevertheless, the nature of DTC eCommerce is particularly borderless. DTC merchants will find themselves dealing with the challenges of international eCommerce whether they have the tools to deal with them or not. In fact, a merchant that wants to sell online in 2022 must take into consideration that showcasing an offer on a DTC marketing channel – such as social media – will find its consequences in a load of international orders from multiple countries pouring in. For this reason, they and must be ready to handle them. 

This is the reason why Shopify launched Shopify Markets Pro and Shopify Translate & Adapt: the purpose of these apps is to allow brands to seamlessly expand to new markets without added complexity.

Let’s see what the two solutions consist of:

  • Shopify Markets Pro – (early access in the United States)

Powered by Shopify’s partnership with Global Pro, it is indicated on the official communication as a a software that “makes it simple for Shopify merchants to expand their businesses globally to 150+ countries overnight”. To keep such promise, the software’s features address complex aspects like local currencies, shipping, customer experience, payment methods, taxes and custom duties:

Shopify markets PRO and Borderl3ss

Merchant-Of-Record: handles all the complexities related to tax and duty compliance that differ for every market and are a typical reason for a slow expansion.

Access to shipments with DHL: American merchants can access pre-negotiated rates and can ship internationally.

Tailored costumer experience: Allows costumers to shop in their own currency, to find their preferred payment method at checkout and prevents the appearance of surprise duty fees upon delivery (which we all hate).
The findings this feature is based on indicate a +7% GMV for international buyers that sell in a local currency and a conversions rate increment of 6% for merchants that offer the local payment methods during checkout.

Shopify Translate & adapt and Borderl3ss
  • Shopify Translate & Adapt

The copy of an online store plays a crucial role in converting the viewer. According to Shopify, translated copy allows a 13% GMV growth from buyers that interact with transcreated content.

Thanks to Shopify Translate & Adapt merchants can:

Translate their stores: thanks to a combination of machine translation and manual translation, a store’s copy can be translated automatically and then the merchant can take care of specific words. The translator considers the differences between American English and British English for example and allows the creation of different shipping conditions templates to apply to different markets. Also, the copy length is adaptable to the specific language version of the store. The golden feature is the possibility to adapt the FAQ page and make them more accessible and understandable by the customers.

More features to simplify Cross border eCommerce

The role of cross boarder eCommerce has completely changed. When advertising on DTC channels, merchants should expect to receive orders from various countries. Expanding to every single country one by one requires great resources and time, doing it repeatedly becomes something that only bigger companies have the resources to handle. Shopify wants to democratise international eCommerce by lowering the access barriers through its latest developments.

Users can set shipping rates in local currencies and customize the price of products for the different markets with International pricing.

Also, for the future, the multinational tech company has announced that they will:

  1. release the ability for merchants to customize the product they decide to make available to each market.
  2. Enhance their postal code validation system (which currently covers about 100 new markets)
  3. Will release by the beginning of next year a new system to route the orders to the preferred inventory locations.

What does Borderl3ss think about Shopify’s latest move?

The philosophy behind Shopify’s direction is the same that guides us at Borderl3ss.

Is the same philosophy that structures the kind of support we can give you to scale your brand in Europe.

In fact, when it comes to Europe, a tailored, location-based customer experience isn’t just a nice to have, it rather makes the difference between a successful store and a failed business.

But there is more: business expansion also goes through different sales channels and this leads a brand to sell on multiple platforms and social media.

Borderl3ss purpose is to reduce complexities derived by selling on multiple platforms to multiple countries

Let’s say that again: The 2022 DTC brand owner sells from multiple stores to multiple countries.

The backend of this affirmation is constellated with challenges!!!

Borderl3ss is the solution that can allow you to seamlessly handle product shipping to European destinations from all your sales channels and offer the delivery methods that feel most comfortable to your customers for their purchases.

Manage your inventory, create bundles, select you favorite shipping carriers, enable Cash on Delivery and most of all, create the best situation for all your markets. Click HERE to talk to our team and learn more about how at Borderl3ss we help DTC brands in their expansion.

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