We provide best in class European fulfillment services for fast growing direct-to-consumer Brands

Borderl3ss logistics-as-a-service platform enables D2C Brands to enter and scale European markets without borders. Our technology is designed to optimize transit times, shipping costs, cash-on-delivery efficiency, call center conversions, crossells and upsells.

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Your Brand's Co-Pilot

Borderless allows Brands to integrate all their sales channels through a single platform, manage their orders and ship them to the right customers regardless of their final destination.

Integrate Your eCom Stack

Integrate your Borderl3ss account with 20+ partners in order to unleash its full potential. No integration work needed.

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As Simple As Counting 1, 2, 3...

Borderl3ss makes Brands’ fulfillment operations management simple and effective. Switching to Borderl3ss is convenient and fast.

STEP 1: Onboarding

Set up your Brand on Borderl3ss, connect all your Sales Channels and sync past and new orders.

STEP 2: Inbound Shipping

Ship your products’ stocks to the warehouses you want to activate or connect Borderl3ss directly to your suppliers to have it done automatically.

STEP 3: Deliver to Customers

Manage all your Pre-Paid & Cash-on-Delivery orders through Borderl3ss for all your Brands and Companies.

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Multiple Features To Manage and Scale Brands


Learn more about your operations and optimize them to save on costs while increasing customer experience.

Fulfillment Operations

Manage all shipments, both Pre-Paid and Cash-on-Delivery from a single and easy to use dashboard.

Marketing & Sales

Leverage our technology to increase your conversion rates on sales, AOV, upsells and number of orders over time.

Your Are Not Alone

The platform turned out to be simple to use and for any question I obtain answers within 10 minutes from my request. Cash-On-Delivery? I sell mainly in Italy and I use COD as a weapon against the initial lack of trust of new customers. If I look at my orders history, I see that COD orders add up to 30% on total orders. It is of critical importance.

Angelo Mazzi CEO Enore beauty

I use Borderl3ss because it offers a service that you can’t find elsewhere. Learning how to use the platform was very simple while support is fast and attentive. At the time, I had just heard about the potential of Cash-On-Delivery and wanted to integrate this payment method to my eCommerce in the pet niche. Today, 75% of my orders are delivered trough this option.

Claudio Tavezzi CEO of Claudio Tavezzi Enterprises

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