Merchants Grow Their Businesses Faster if They Fulfillment Partners Use

Borderl3ss is an advanced merchant management platform which allows fulfillment centers to help merchants grow faster.
Our proprietary technology aggregates all orders from our merchants – single or multiple – sales channels and automatically pass the information to the fulfillment center.
Finally, inventory is picked, packed and shipped to your customers.

Was that a Cash-on-Delivery sale? Don’t worry, the platform is design to track the lead, its status and the cashflow across the different parties involved.


A Streamlined order-fulfillment process from your sales channel to your customer's door


If your Fulfillment Center uses you will be able to connect as many sales channels as you wish with just a few clicks.


Send your inventory to your fulfillment center across the world and auto-update it to your sales channel’s digital inventory.


Borderl3ss auto-imports orders and ships your products from the nearest active fulfillment center. It distinguishes between pre-paid and CoD orders.


Orders get delivered to your customer’s door. If the order was a CoD order, money will be collected and wired to your bank.

Advanced analytics

Learn more about your numbers

The more you know about your business, the better your numbers will look every day. Borderl3ss provides you with in-depth analytics about your sales, conversion rates and shipping information. Merchant Dashboard
Borderl3ss Integrations


Borderl3ss is your single source of truth for orders and inventory

A fast and simple integration between Borderl3ss and your sales channels is perfect for a quick and effortless onboarding.

Borderl3ss can integrate with all the major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. This allows you to collect orders from all your active sales channels. Data moves back and forth for a two-way flow of information between Borderl3ss and your sales channels.

Pre-paid & Cash-on-delivery

All your orders, managed through one single platform

Our technology and logistics network give You and your Brand the power to manage both pre-paid and Cash-on-Delivery orders. Together.

Increase your conversion rates and customer trust by offering CoD as a payment option. Set it up with Borderl3ss and just forget about it.

multiple locations

Reach your customers fast, increase your customer’s loyalty and happiness

The world is comprised of multiple countries, languages and cultures. The one thing in common is that all inhabitants who shop online, want their orders delivered fast. Thanks to Borderl3ss we can split your inventory across different locations to be closer to your customers. We can cover the entire continent in 2-days.

Order management

Easy backoffice

At Borderl3ss we believe ecommerce businesses can include, therefore need to manage, multiple Brands, across multiple countries and sales channels.

That’s why we designed our platform to be the only backoffice you will ever need for their management. Filter by status, search for specific orders, add/delete details or just add upsells taken over the phone. You have 100% control over your order management.

Order editing

Enjoy the freedom of editing your existing orders

Post-fulfillment order editing is often a huge pain that can hold you back from giving a good customer experience.

The state-of-art requires you to depend on your 3PL’s support if you want to edit data on an order that has been already fulfilled. With Borderl3ss, this disfunction finally gets to an end. In fact, you have the freedom to apply directly from your account any changes to your orders until the package is picked from the carrier.

*Modification time frames may vary according to the specific  courier company.

call center integration

Sell more, faster

Integrate Borderl3ss to a Call Center (different options available) to upsell and cross-sell more. Don’t leave orders on the table and increase your AOV.

All the informations are tracked and the data is updated across the entire tech stack.

INVENTORY management

Adaptive low inventory alerts

The last thing you want is to run out of stock when you have orders coming in. Our platform AI analyses your sales trends and forecasts when you should re-stock or move inventory from location A to B. Never run out of stock again.

SMS Alerts

Let your CoD customer know when we are delivering

Cash-on-Delivery is more of a science than a payment method. Customers need to be home and with cash ready in their hands in order to pay for the order delivery. A combination of calls and SMS messages from our platform allows our delivery rates to be among the highest in the industry for each country we are active in.


Implement advanced marketing & sales tactics to increase your AOV

Level up your game by creating custom bundles and kits of products that sell well together, complement each other, or simply create quantity upsells. This feature allows you to create as many combinations as your fantasy can conceive, without interfering with order shipments.

a personalized experience

"Thank You for your Order"

…For a remarkable first impact!

Along with your products, Borderless can also deliver a more personalized customer experience through the creation of custom “Thank you for your order” messages.

Strike the Great-First-Impression chord in your customers while taking your branding strategy one step further.


Maximum user-friendliness for an accelerated learning-curve

UI learnability is even more crucial while you’re in the middle of growing your business.
For this reason Boderless has studied and brought to life an intuitive user interface and has createdshort video tutorials that cover any use case. Plus, our support is ready to answer any question you might have.

Our objective is to allow you and your team to master Borderless’s portal in the blink of an eye and leverage all the functionalities that you were waiting for… ‘till today.

Orders Tracking

End-to-end customer experience

Happy customers, happy life. We know that in order to build a long standing relationship with your Brand, your customers ought to be happy. That’s why all the orders information and updates are deeply tracked and pushed to your customers.

Tracking numbers are given for each order and returning rules can be set-up inside your account.


Borderl3ss is your ultimate partner to scale

Fulfillment Center

Do you need anything that is not currently listed on the website? Don't worry, get in contact with us and we will provide a tailored solution for you.

Your growth partner

Our clients increase their sales volumes faster and scale in new countries thanks to our end-to-end platform. We are here to help you achieve your next goal.

Support from Experts

Our support team is made of logistics experts armed with advanced tools to solve all the challenges you will be called to face, as well as to answer all your questions.