Boost Your Sales With European Cash-on-Delivery

Cash-on-Delivery is great to increase conversion rates. Your customers order from your storefront and then pay cash to the shipping agent upon order delivery.

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How it Works

How Borderl3ss Manages Cash-on-Delivery for Your Brand

1. Order Placed

Your customers orders directly on your sales channels.

2. Shipping & Collecting

Incoming orders are sorted according to type: Pre-Paid and CoD. Delivery agents that manage CoD orders are informed on the amount of money they must collect from your customers.

3. Cash Into Your Bank

After collecting money on your behalf, we will proceed to transfer it to your bank account.

What does Cash-on-Delivery mean?

Cash-on-Delivery is a popular payment method in many European countries. eCommerce owners offer this payment solution in order to reach as many customers as they can.
Before Borderl3ss, to offer such a solution you had to open different legal entities and manage multiple negotiations with local warehouses and carriers. Now you can handle everything through a single platform.

Call Center Integration

Increase your overall delivery rates, your upsell and cross-sell conversions and customer retention by leveraging the power of a call-center. Sales teams and call centers can manage all your orders, clients and leads from their own workspace within your Borderl3ss organization account.

Powerful network of fulfillment centers

You can leverage our fulfillment centers across Europe to optimize logistics operations. We can help you improve delivery speed and reduce shipping costs. Our experts can help you determine how to efficiently distribute inventory across locations to reach customers in Europe at speed.

Advanced ecommerce fulfillment software

Borderl3ss’s cloud platform is the backbone of your logistics operations. Through one simple interface you will be able to manage your inventory in real time across different locations, create bundles and handle cash-on-delivery orders.

Do you want to learn more about our tech-enabled logistics features? Check out our in depth product demo.

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