Ecommerce Black Friday 2022: prepare for your European customers

Black Friday 2022 is approaching, this imported sales festivity is now incredibly popular across Europe therefore DTC Brands must not under evaluate preparation and partnerships.
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Black Friday 2022 is coming up!

Hear that? Q4 2022 is knocking on the door, the busiest quarter of the year is about to start and now is the time to intensify preparations for an occasion that doesn’t admit any last minute improvising.

Even though the list of events is pretty long, the King of them all, the one and only Black Friday, is for sure the most anticipated and the one for which the most frenzy is expected. Certainly, it’s sales appointment that justifies doubling down on the goods you’re planning to promote.

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Black Friday is indeed a sales phenomenon worldwide, certainly in Europe where, once imported, it first was welcomed as “an American thing”, but today it’s a fully fledged sales tradition for which people start saving in advance (you read that right).

Also, consumers carry expectations: to find strong discounts or great deals not only for themselves but also for their beloved ones. In fact, part of a shopper’s Black Friday budget is very frequently allocated to holiday shopping purposes, therefore it’s safe to say that holiday sales start with Black Friday and this should be taken into consideration when planning your marketing campaigns.

People are in buying mode and this shouldn’t sound too obvious as it means that a sale can be triggered for many reasons among which “necessity” stands in a lower position and “good deal” is on top of the list. 

When is Black Friday 2022?

This year it will fall on November 25th (with Cyber Monday being on November 28th) and the appointment promises to be huge despite inflation and recession as Prime Day 2022 has already proven.

Il Black Friday a thing in Europe?

For sure. It’s not a public holiday, but most certainly a moment of the year that sellers leverage to increase sales and when many people try to conclude at least part of their holiday shopping. In fact, during 2021, almost 40% of European consumers bought a Christmas gift during BFCM. It is safe to say that all European countries have embraced Black Friday sales, but Uk and France are the countries where Black Friday and Cyber Monday created an American-like success both in terms of price drops and consumer frenzies.

Tips for DTC Brands that want to sell to European countries during Black Friday 2022

If you are reading this article you are most likely preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) and will sell to European countries. Then take notes of the following tips and stay tuned for the next content coming up in this blog.

1. Time to harvest, not to plant

Beware of who says on the 1st of November that there is “still time” to smash BFCM: in the DTC era this is a mentality that will set you up for failure. Black Friday must be intended for the seller as the time to harvest because most of the advertising effort will be directed towards viewers that are familiar with the brand. Among these prospects there will be first-time customers as well as repeat customers.

In other words, you will be working with warm to very hot traffic and will be retargeting rather than introducing your brand for the first time to customers. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect sales from brand new customers, just that this shouldn’t be part of your main strategy. Also, the cost of traffic in Q4 typically reaches exorbitant levels so it’s all about optimizing. Work on consumers that already are in the sales funnel and work on organic traffic sources.

2. Last minute is NOW

Now you understand why last minute is now: there is only that much time to increase your retargetable base. Take advantage of the moment right before Q4, when traffic costs are lower, to push on those campaigns, collect those emails, heat your pixels and collect analytics. Of course it’s you evergreen ads that you want to push in order to teach new viewers about your product.

3. Be part your customer’s plans

During Black Friday the customer’s attention and budget will be for a huge slice, already allocated to something in particular. In fact the consumer has a plan and arrives to the appointment prepared just as much as the seller does, do you remember those days when Americans would sleep outside a store and fight for a heavily discounted television? 

Your competition will make sure to be in their radar leaving little to no space to new improvised impulse purchases that are anyway forecasted to be less due to inflation and the consequent more careful spending reflex. 

4. Recession calls for a different marketing approach

Recession and less impulse buying equals a more thoughtful way of spending one’s budget. In other words, there is no space for remorse. This means that the seller should adapt their marketing. creatives should focus on the products qualities and its usefulness. The viewer should feel in front of an opportunity that they won’t regret taking the day after. 

Plus, remember that when selling to Europe, regret purchases come with a cost… for the seller! Customers are protected by a 14-day window of time during which they can return the product to the seller for any reason and obtain a full refund. In a research by Idealo on 2000 British consumers that had purchased online between February 2020 to September 2021, at least 24% regretted their purchases. Since UK is outside EU’s jurisdiction they couldn’t benefit from the 14-day right of withdrawal, but still such numbers (that grow all the way to 64% for USA consumers by the way) should represent a reason why, as a seller, you should carefully study your value preposition and communication.

5. Black Friday isn’t a day but a whole period

Expect offers to start popping up as early as the end of October. During the last years, brands started with their adveritizing earlier and earlier, but we believe that a blind race will not give any significant competitive advantage. The ability of timeliness is the key. When your period of sales will start, make it special, if you want to start with an impact in 2022 you should think about it more as “the entrance of the bride” that the “first one to hit the finish line”.

6. Complete your bulk orders NOW!!! 

Have you got any bulk orders still pending? What are you waiting for? Complete them and your stocks might make it to the warehouse just in time. Quantities are typically much higher as sales expected for Black Friday (alone) are at least a two to three times higher so especially if it’s the first time ordering bigger quantities, or if you have based your campaigns on quantity strategies – like BOFO (but one get one free) strategies – you must always put into account one or even two week delays. Production might take more than expected, customs clearance might suffer typical bottleneck delays, unloading the cargo itself, as 2021 teaches, cargo transportation could become a hugely slow challenge. 

Also, do you think shipping costs are bad now? Wait a little more and you’ll see what bad really looks like! The time for “affordable” shipping is running out as you’re reading this

7. Optimize your distribution network


Once again, does 2021 ring any bell? We will all remember it as the year where many sales took place, but there wasn’t enough inventory to ship or many consumers received their product with great delays. All happenings were due to the same reasons: blocks and bottlenecks that would either prevent the product from arriving to the warehouse or from getting to the final customer. 

Luckily, you are still in time to nullifying such a rough turn. How? By distributing your inventory in more than a warehouse for example. Split your stock between 2+ nodes of your logistics provider’s warehouse network. This way you will always have a route B in case circulation problems should arise. 

8. Switch to a competent European logistics partner 

BFCM require serious preparation ahead of time and this starts right after the last peek sales season culminating right before the next one. It’s a preparation made of months of planning, market research, marketing investments, negotiations, tests, infinite hours of collaborations, tears and blood in many cases as well. Then Q4 begins…

Q4 is Show Time

Do you want to risk it all because you’re with a provider that doesn’t know how to handle your expected volumes? 

Become nosy, demand to know how THEY are preparing for BFCM, make sure that they have made the proper arrangements to face what’s coming. For DTC brands in particular, a mistake on the logistics side doesn’t only cost the price of a missed conversion (which is already a high price), but the price of everything behind it as well as everything that comes after (such a Customer LifeTime Value and Net Promotion Score). In fact, sales are always the result of a curated relation – which is much more than a marketing tactic – to draw someone down a sales funnel.

Borderl3ss is the right solution for who knows that Q4 is the trimester:

  • That doesn’t admit low guard
  • Where experience and preparation play a crucial role
  • Where infrastructure must serve the purpose and not put an entrepreneur in the need to compromise 
  • That calls for maximum control over shipments through technology 
  • Where who can delegate with trust, has won half of the game already

Get in touch with out team today HERE to learn how Borderl3ss can help you face a peek season at the highest of your potential. Our technology and warehouses are ready for your Q4 sales explosion, just bring it on, we are looking forward to WOW you and your customers!

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