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With the explosion of eCommerce in Italy, delivery services have been popping up like mushrooms. The company SDA though, is the operational branch of the national postal service, therefore able to grant DTC Brands access to the most developed transport and delivery infrastructure currently present on the Italian market.
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If you are considering a European business expansion and have made some research on the Italian market, you probably have – or most likely will – learn about the logistics company SDA

SDA is one of Italy’s leading Express Courier services

The reason is simple: SDA is the operational branch of Poste Italiane, Italy’s national postal service provider, with the largest infrastructure on the territory for post and parcel deliveries and a history that goes all the way back to 1862.

When it comes to eCommerce, Poste Italiane itself defines the parcel sector as “a business that has benefited from the rise of e-commerce and the dynamic nature of the parcels market” and recognizes that the business of express courier, logistics and parcel delivery has assumed growing proportions in volumes that reflect on the company’s revenue. For this reason the group has dedicated new investments aimed to offer solutions able to satisfy all kinds of customer’s necessities. 

SDA’s Logistic Hub in Bologna

Furthermore, customers needs aren’t only about delivery, and the aforementioned innovations went also in the direction of goods protection through the integration of the new International standard specifically designed for the logistics sector TAPA-FSR (Transported Asset Protection Association – Facility Security Requirements).

As the company state in their communication, their services for eCommerce are for both bigger companies and emerging brands that have chosen to sell online their products.

Let’s check them out:

Poste Delivery Business

This service is for both national and international and it brings together the Express Courier concept and the Poste Italiane’s capillary network. It grants access to:

  • A variety of destination options such as home delivery, delivery to post offices, collection points and parcel lockers in Italy as well as in 200 countries.
  • Premium and Standard delivery options available. 
  • Accessory services that allow the receiver to personalize delivery by modifying details such as the timeframe, the address, and to reschedule. 
  • Simplified reverse logistics through which the return waybill can be attached to the package. It is also possible to proceed in paperless mode, via email. The package will be drawn from the customers’ house or from the desired pick up point.

eCommerce owners can use the portal My Poste Delivery Business to monitor and handle consignments.

National delivery 

  • Express delivery assures packages to arrive to all Italian destinations within in 1-2 business days while through the Standard option products will arrive to customers in 4 business days. Both solutions do not present limitations in number of parcels or for weight or dimensions. 

International Delivery

  • Express delivery products arrive in 1/2 business days for destinations within the European Union, 2/3 days for Usa and Canada and in 2/4 days for the other destinations worldwide
    Standard deliveries will arrive in 4/6 days within the European Union, and in 4/7 days to destinations in the rest of the world.

Is it worth to work with SDA?

Let’s be straightforward: the infrastructure is impressive and there are no competitors able to offer a similar variety of services. For this reason, including SDA to one’s partners list could be a strategic move for those brands seeking for flexibility and that carry a long term vision which contemplates scaling towards different countries as well as different consumer behaviours.

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