Best European Couriers for eCommerce: focus on GLS

GLS group offers its services to eCommerce retailers that want to sell to European countries and deliver a high quality experience along with fast shipping to all their customers.
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In order to sell to a specific European country or to sell to multiple European countries, it is important to know which are the best services that you can offer to your customers. GLS is certainly part of the list. One thing is working in a single country, but in 2022 you want to put in place a scalable and flexible system that can allow you to work “Borderless” as your strategy mustn’t suffer location limitations. As a matter of fact, you research and strategy you might lead you to the necessity of covering areas with your service that might fall under different nations, but why should this be a reason to pull the breaks on you expansion plans?

What makes a European Courier so special?

Distributed inventory is an inventory storage strategy that allows you to store different quantities of the same inventory in different warehouses and guarantees communication between warehouses and with the stock owner. In this way:

  • While it makes it possible to deliver products to customers very quickly because of a tech system that dispatches orders to the warehouse that is located nearest to your customer, 
  • It is also possible to move inventory between warehouses to compensate possible stock shortages or to adapt supply to the intensity of sales volumes that might occur in specific areas.

Here you understand why such a service needs to be supported by a professional carrier that can guarantee the same high performances across Europe and that can adapt to customer’s delivery preferences.

GLS for online sellers

The express courier GLS has among its many objectives the one of connecting eCommerce services with 41 countries and has already been chosen from many companies for a total volume of 450 million parcels. Europe is GLS’s main market for which this company uses everyday its tenths of years of experience and territory and local markets knowledge to give premium services to their customers. The company members pride themselves for an ongoing history of reliable, high quality and flexible services.

While the multinational company provides specific conditions for each country it serves, we can summarize the elements in common as follows:

  • National parcel shipping
    European Business customers can rely on fast national delivery (next business day delivery for the majority of countries) without distance limits (but with different weight and size limitations according to the country). Such service is studied to allow all eCommerces to be aligned to the standard qualities customers are expecting due to bigger competitors (such as Amazon) therefore along with the speedy delivery, merchants can benefit from notification services and customer service aimed to build an even more positive reputation.
  • European parcel delivery
    The door to door delivery via truck that makes all European countries fell a little closer. Fast and reliable and able to connect 30 European countries in 48 to 96 hours. Of course, the specific time is calculated based on the city of departure, but it is important to observe that neighbouring countries are generally served within the same time of the nation the parcel originates from. The key economic cities can be reached in 48 hours from many countries.  
  • Cash On Delivery
    Not all European Markets are the same and GLS knows this. For this reason they serve various nations with cash on delivery services. This delivery method (which is also a payment method) allows customers to pay for their products once they receive them and is the perfect solution to overcome trust issues of customers reluctant to enter their bank details online or that are buying for the first time from a new store or for buyers that are simply used to pay in cash because that’s the typical consumer behaviour for that country.
    This service is available for several countries like Italy, Spain, and Eastern European countries.

Is partnering up with GLS worth it?

gls ecommrce courier

The success that this company has grown through the decades surely means that they can support new generation eCommerc businesses. By partnering up with Borderl3ss you can set your panel to use GLS for the destinations you desire, enable your preferred accessory options and just forget about it. In fact, with Borderl3ss you will be able to differentiate services to serve all you European customers and collect all your orders in one single panel.

Enter a real control room from which, in just a few clicks, you will be able to configure your storage and delivery strategy with the same simplicity of playing a videogame.

Obtain the same results that you would gain though a number of meetings, negotiations, trips and many handshakes. Everything in minutes! Bring to life and configure your strategy in no time. Think about what you can do to grow your business with the time you will save and when you’re ready to step into this new reality, set a meeting with our team HERE

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