Best eCom European Couriers: Focus on BRT Bartolini

When it comes to product delivery for eCommerce BRT Bartolini is definitely one of the most important leading companies. After its entrance in DPD group, Europe’s largest parcel delivery network, DTC Brands can now rely on an incredibly powerful partner.
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The trickiest part of the eCom game for DTC Brands is not aligning their logistics services to their marketing strategies and this is the reason that lays behind the improvement and extension of services for eCommerce by BRT Bartolini.

Let’s understand the crucial concepts that justify this turn.

DTC marketing channels can be placed in the broad-reach marketing category and this translates into having an audience (or a following) that belongs to multiple countries, generally more than the ones served by a Brand’s logistics provider. 

This is no longer acceptable in 2022 and goes against the DTC identity itself, hence, the reason why DTC Brands should always consider their logistics partners’ performances and available services on broader territories rather than a single nation.

In other words, to select a logistics partner to sell to a European country requires to evaluate the performances of the candidate partner on European grounds. 

This brings us to BRT. The recently rebranded Italian logistics company has been in the business for a whole century and surely knows something about national and intra-EU deliveries. Previously known as Bartolini, they now changed their name into BRT that not only reminds of the previous nomenclature, but also stands for “Bravi a Raggiungere Tutti” which is the Italian for “Great at reaching everyone”

Part of DPD International Group, the company focuses on Italian businesses that need to ship to customers within the nation as well as to customers all over Europe (and worldwide) assuring them a complete service with reliable and fast deliveries.

Lets see their services for online businesses:

National delivery

-Express service: through this service BRT assures delivery in 24 to 48 hours after pickup in the whole country for an unlimited number of packages per shipment and without any limits on packages’ weight either. 

-Shipping Insurance: Basic and Plus in accordance to the sender’s needs, it provides the desired coverage of your valuable shipments. 

-Accessory services: notification via sms or email of the shipment’s tracking code. Plus, the recipient can reschedule delivery in case of absence or can send the package to a different destination or chose a pick up point for the package withdrawal. It is also possible for the seller to view the waybill signed by the recipient after delivery. 

European delivery

-DPD group service: when it comes to European delivery, the DPD Group kicks in with its 120.000 experts and 70.000 pick up points distributed across the whole European territory. This, added to their technological support and flexible conditions, allow the company to define with no fear their service as easy, fast and reliable. 

-Express service 0-68 kg: this is the express service for Europe and the rest of the world. Shipments by road take approx. 48/72 hours to reach most European cities.   

-Accessory services: exactly like for national shipments, European parcel delivery is completed by additional services such as email or sms tracking code notification. Also, recipients can change delivery details such as destination address or reschedule or even select a pickup point. Waybill signature also available to view online. 

Cash on Delivery

BRT Bartolini offers one of the most crucial services for who sells to Italian customers which is Cash On Delivery (COD). This is delivery method – and type of transaction – in which payment of the goods is made at the time of delivery. It’s therefore the courier’s duty to receive the price of the product by the final customer before the products’ consignment. The delivery company will then wire the money to the seller.

With BRT Bartolini, customers can pay up to 2000 euros in cash, but the courier will also accept cheques or bank drafts.
Is Cash on Delivery optional? No way, especially in Italy where its importance has dramatically grown during the last years as shown in the graph below. In Italy, in fact, the importance of having the COD option at the customer’s disposal grew significantly from 2017 to 2021. The share of customers that find it to be essential was 93% in 2021.

Source Statista

Finally, is it worth partnering up with BRT Bartolini?

If you have your own warehouse or wish to manage shipments autonomously, BRT can put you in the conditions of handling this part of your business. In fact, with their tools you can calculate the cost of a shipment as well as requesting a pick up, viewing the outcome of a shipment and the status of cash on delivery consignments. You can also unblock shipments on hold and the signatures of the recipients. 

However, if in-house order fulfillment is not your thing and, as a DTC Brand owner you really don’t want to rent a warehouse, hire extra staff and get your hands “dirty” with matters such as inventory management, picking, packing and all that comes along with that marvellous world, then Borderl3ss is most definitely the right solution for you.

Obtain the same results that you would gain though a number of meetings, negotiations, trips and many handshakes. Everything in minutes! Bring to life and configure the delivery strategy for your eCommerce in no time while benefiting of a superior technology and dedicated support! With Boorderl3ss you will have the chance to select and set the best delivery companies for your destination country’s needs. Order fulfillment is a full-time job: our job!
Think about what you can do to grow your business with the time you will save and when you’re ready to step into this new reality, set a meeting with our team HERE

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