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DTC Brands that aim to conquer the Iberian peninsula can count on "360° eCommerce" by TIPSA. The company is constantly improving its services and adding benefits, for online store owners that want to offer the best customer experience out there.
TIPSA european couriers

eCommerce in Spain is going strong: on November 30th 2021 Spain has reached its historical record of delivered parcels. In fact, 5 million packages were delivered in one day. This has been proudly announced by Antonio Fueyo, CEO at TIPSA during his speech at the first Logistics, Transport and Mobility Forum in Madrid.

When it comes to courier companies for the Iberian peninsula, you can find TIPSA on top of the list. 

tipsa european courier

The 21 year old leading company was born as a service for urgent deliveries and now presents a dedicated eCommerce service that relies on a solid and capillary infrastructure that counts more than 300 agencies in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, 270 transit links, more than 1500 routes and 12 hubs. Also, the delivery company can count on 2500 professionals 10% of whom are dedicated to customer support.

This makes TIPSA highly specialised in door to door delivery of parcels, nationally and internationally. Also DPD Group has become during September 2021 the majority shareholder of TIPSA.

Just like for other countries where DPD has applied this strategy, the two brands stay independent with their current management teams and add value to one another. While DPD can enhance its offer to the territory and acquires a highly efficient pharmaceutical branch, TIPSA can benefit from an excellent infrastructure for international shipments. But, most of all, it’s the final customer that gains the greatest benefit. 

The huge evolution of eCommerce has reflected also on this company’s business model. One of TIPSA’s pillar services is represented by “360° eCommerce specifically designed to support eCommerce businesses that need to ship to the Iberian peninsula. The offer is divided in Premium and Standard packages:

360°ecommerce PREMIUM:

The fastest delivery possible, for those brands that want to deliver a VIP service and want to impress a remarkable experience in the customer’s memory. It features:

  • Next day delivery with 3 delivery attempts
  • Chance to deliver before 10:00 am and on Saturdays
  • Management of returns and exchanges 
  • cash on delivery
  • Free e-mails and follow-up SMS.
  • National and international delivery
  • Technological integration

360°ecommerce STANDARD:

Despite the name, standard shipping represents a very complete and valuable option for this eCommerce businesses that have a more limited budget, but will not renounce to satisfying the customers expectations. 

  • Delivery in 24/48 hours with 2 delivery attempts
  • Management of returns and exchanges
  • cash on delivery.
  • Free e-mails and follow-up SMS.
  • National and international delivery
  • Technological integration
tipsa european courier

Cash on Delivery and Card on Delivery

When it comes to credit card penetration, Spain, Portugal and all the nearby territories have in common a still very high amount of cash transactions. This reflects on eCommerce as many customers still prefer to pay for the newly purchased goods after receiving them. Despite the average customer being comfortable with online transactions, there are many people that still lack trust in the system, don’t master online payments, or simply don’t have balance in their cards. For this reason, TIPSA not only offers cash on delivery at both standard and premium level but has recently introduced its own card on delivery service.

In fact, on the 1st of September DPD announced through press release that TIPSA launched “the first application in Spain for payment by bank card from the delivery man’s PDA”.

Delivery men will be able to accept and collect payments by bank card when they deliver the package. 

Is it worth working with TIPSA?

Its eCommerce-dedicated branch, the investments and the newborn Card on Delivery service suggest that eCommerce is a top priority for TIPSA. The company keeps one foot in the eCompreneur’s shoe the other in the final customers’ shoe in order to provide the best experience they could ask for and to evolve the service in the most valuable direction.

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