4 CRO Tips to win the European consumer

Conversion rates determine whether your business is successful or not. Follow these tips to increase your CR by winning the European consumer.
cro tips for european consumer

About: The importance of complete shipping information for the European consumer and how this can directly influence your Conversion Rates. 

Extra-European Brands shine a light that European consumers find to be very attractive.
That’s one of the typical effects of globalization and we see this happen with traditional brands – like Coca-Cola or Levis’ – as well as with brands born from more recent trends like Korean skincare or African fashion just to give a couple examples.

This makes Europe very attractive to any brand that understands how through the right marketing and a good delivery infrastructure there are great chances for their products to perform in European markets exactly (or even better) than within their home market. 

The problem
When expanding your brand to Europe don’t only prepare yourself for hordes of customers looking forward to laying their hands on products that had previous success in their home continent. These prospects are also very careful to shipping conditions. Lack of transparency as well as difficulties to find information can become a deal breaker at any point of the customer journey (read more about this topic here).

In fact, if American customers can usually surf the web with one eye closed and afford not giving particular attention to these details, the European consumer that is dealing with an international brand, especially when navigating a .com domain – or an international domain with the exception of the .eu ones – will pull out all of his eyes and one hundred more searching for all details pertaining shipping conditions before making a purchase. 

European customer searching for shipping conditions during checkout

As a result of the USA being the leader for online shopping, the rest of the world, especially European consumers (as well as Canadian consumers), are most sensitive to shipping issues that orbit around unexpected import fees. 

You will find that by including every pertinent information regarding shipping like costs, delivery times, available methods etc, you will be drastically lifting your conversion rates. 

There is no need to be excessively technical or wordy as you are still marketing your product, but by giving the right information at the right time – and deploying it in the right place – you will be accompanying your customer to checkout and appropriately stimulating that impulse purchase. 

Here are four settings for your online store that will have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

See Transit time: While the absence of this detail isn’t a deal breaker, its presence can definitely increment conversions. You don’t need to necessarily include a very precise estimate. It can rather be a timeframe that gives an idea about when to expect the product. Display transit time under your products rather than at checkout. Moreover, since transit time doesn’t include processing times, also make sure to specify how long it will take to process the order.

Fast Shipping: Fast delivery is a must, but always remember that not all customers from all countries carry the same expectations. Highlighting the presence of super fast delivery – like 24 hours delivery – and the countries this option applies for, is a must and can fasten the decision process as well.
Pro tip: next day delivery typically applies to products ordered before a certain time. Make sure this detail is well visible on your homepage and/or on your product page in order to create urgency.

Shipping costs: There is an entire universe of strategies regarding free shipping – which you can find here – that not only have a positive effect on your conversion rates, but also on your average order value. In any case, a 2022 online store must have a strategy related to shipping costs that reflects on sales performances and whatever this strategy is, shipping costs must be visible. Possibly before and during checkout. 

Absence of Import fees: International brands must be aware that the average 2022 European customer has gained experience in buying online and has dealt at least once in their life with unexpected extra-costs. Specifying immediately that the product ships from Europe therefore that there are no import fees 


The four tips above not only guarantee an increase in conversions when applied, but represent how transparency can be melted into your online store and become an expression of branding.
“Product Shipping” is a sensitive topic for the average European customer who has most likely had in their past at least one unpleasant experience.
However, you can turn this into an opportunity, by leveraging this pain and converting it into a positive evaluation of your brand. 

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